Are You What Others Assume?

As many of you know who follow my weekly Podcast releases and blogs, I try to correlate my guest to my blog if at all possible. This week I had the pleasure of having adult performer Ray Ray as a guest on the show.

Ray Ray and I first met at my 1st Exxxotica back in Chicago in 2021. This young lady has quite the story. It was at the X3 show just earlier this month that I had a booth next to Rey Rey. When I heard her describe herself briefly to the other female talent next to us, it dawned on me that she is the perfect guest.

Rey Rey’s words were, “My booth does not portray who I am in my films”. I found this a very interesting statement and it does hold true to the types of films Ray Ray appears in, but does it hold true to who is Ray Ray? This Is the interesting question and is rather intriguing.

I’m doing something different this time. I’m writing this article prior to interviewing Rey Rey. It is to show that without knowing someone’s background or someone’s story, no one truly knows who that person is. Just by watching their films, you cannot conclude their personality characteristics.

Rey Rey’s table set up was quite simple for this event. She had some photos to sign, and she wore a cute bra and tutu skirt with some comfortable slippers. She is never overly done with heavy makeup or jewelry or designer clothes, in fact she appears to be the sweetest most down to earth young lady and contrary to her films, she is exactly that, an absolute sweetheart. However, her films show a different side but is that the real Ray Ray?

She is quite the actress and kudos to her for her success as an adult performer. The point here is to show you the readers and my listeners that we are just that, actresses acting and we have a role to Play, a persona to live up to. The fans gravitate to what they like and who can create that fantasy for them. We as performers perform what we are good at and enjoy, but does this mean that in Rey Rey’s day to day life that she is having sex with random strangers all day long? Does this mean as a teen in school, she was the school slut? I can guess without having interviewed her yet that is quite the opposite.

She presents herself with a level of class and sophistication. She is quiet, not outspoken and reserved. She is sweet and I cannot see any reason she would have any enemies. She truly is a doll, but what led her to the primary market of gang bang scenes. We will soon find out, as I have no answer to that yet.

Let me take for example, my Swingers events that I host. If I bring a vanilla date to one of my parties, I begin by explaining to them that they are my date and are there to assist me with the events of the evening. I cannot reiterate how many of these vanilla dates have said to me right off of the bat, “Wow, I can’t believe you’ve had sex with all these people?” What gave them that idea? Stupidity and assumption.

It is quite the opposite, I explain. I choose not to play at my events because I am the hostess, and I am in the role of hostess. It is this continued lack of common sense and pre-judgement that we all battle each day as an adult performer and I as a Swing club owner. It is what all of us in the industry battle with. Unsolicited “dick” photos and videos just assuming that our day has now been completed after receiving this unwanted and un-requested content from the message sender. The sender now feels complete for sharing his/her pent-up prize over a social media app where they assume we are the ready, wanting and waiting.

Who are we to assume that because Ray Ray shoots Gang Bangs that her early years lead her to shoot these types of films? We as performers find our niche and our fan base finds us, but I ask you to remember one very important fact, 
we are actresses, and you are our fans. Appreciation for our fans is valued but we are still people playing a role to fulfill “your” fantasy.

Remember what I continue to say over and over again, open your mind, open your heart, listen and learn as you cannot judge or assume anything until you have heard the whole story.

Till next time
Coralyn Jewel

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