Author Jane Boon

Jane Boon – author of Edge Play

Is the price of power the pleasure of pain?

One can wonder what level of adventurous personality is needed to have for the research Jane Boon did for her first novel Edge Play.  We can all learn a bit from this, as most of us tend to go for the safe path instead of the more exciting and challenging one.

In this article, I draw inspiration from this woman, who is not only a successful businesswoman but also a skilled adventurer know by some as the “pervy sherpa”.  Love that!

I find myself inspired,  not only by this book that lets the reader into the underground realm of BDSM with intimate authentic details, but also by Jane herself as she doesn´t limit herself as many people tend to do.   She is doing it all, tremendously educated, adventurous, curious and open-minded which combined, generates a rather perfect start for an exciting sexy novel but also her own life living to the fullest of her potential and pushing the boundaries.

Let´s be inspired instead of judging something most people know nothing about when we see the corset or hear the word whip.   If you have never participated in BDSM in real life, at least read and get informed thought Jane´s novel, you know the saying, “Don’t knock it until you tried it”.

To produce a novel that doesn’t provide a false sense of facts Jane indeed did the work and dived into the world of domination where women are in charge.  Imagine that, what if we all as women just took charge a bit more. Personally, I am strong-minded, open-minded and assertive on so many levels but there is a lesson to be learned here for many of us no matter how well you know yourself.

To create a vivid world, she attended fetish events so that you as a reader could almost feel the energy and hear the whip.  Jane Boon was able to learn from a close dominatrix friend as I have also learned about the adult industry or the swinger lifestyle from my friends.   Remember though, that just gets you so far and then it is up to our inner Janes to let us be challenged and find out our own limits.

To be able to combine the power of business of Wall Street and the power of sexuality is the key in this book. To get out on top no matter what and never at any time let go of your control appeals very much to me as an entrepreneur and business woman.  I ask myself, how far would I dare to go? It still provides me with the inner challenge of do I want to get whipped or hold the whip myself.

Girls are brought up to be well behaved women, but then again what does that really mean? Can we as women, take charge of the whip as an amazon and never yield even the slightest bit of our power?  Do we want that? Sometimes, I do and other times to not be in control is just what I personally need.  Do we need to liberate ourselves though domination or is there some middle ground that can be found?   Do we have to do it all to find our place in the BDSM world or can we combine from different realms of life? 

I end this with the all-important answer. It is all up to YOU and you own your own choices, body and voice to decide if you might want or what part you might want in this world of BDSM. Coralyn Jewel Lady Jaye

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