Can two Alternative Lifestyle Groups Mesh?

If you follow my weekly podcasts and my weekly blogs, I always attempt to correlate my guest with what my article is about.

My guest this week made my acquaintance via social media. He runs a group out of Las Vegas called Eden after dark. I run a lifestyle community in Southern California since 2011 under the name Hankie Pankie Lifestyle.

Although we both cater to the swinger community, we are a bit different.  The owner of Eden After Dark felt the need to focus on somewhere where the lifestyle is lacking. Many people who familiarize themselves with the swinger community are mostly under the assumption that it is couples meeting other couples and the men are normally presumably straight.

It is very acceptable and common for women in the lifestyle to claim that they are bi, bi curious or bi comfortable,  however, sadly,  if a man were to say the same thing there are many communities that will shun him from  joining their group or their events.

He saw the need for a lifestyle club that welcomed single males, single females and couples where the male half might have an interest or show curiosity as a bi sexual.

When I started my community back in 2011 I honestly felt that the lifestyle community was a community to welcome anyone who was interested in an alternative relationship style.

As I began gaining community members I was often approached by either a couple or 1/2 asking me if I allowed bisexual males at my events. I was disturbed that that many would express to me that they were not comfortable with a bisexual male being present at my events, however a bisexual female was not an issue.

As my events progressed, I would often receive phone calls from couples who were involved in a polyamory relationship, whether it was a husband and wife with a 3rd female or a husband and wife with a 3rd male. I was actually informed by one couple in particular that other clubs would not welcome them because they had a 3rd who was a male and was bisexual with the male half of the married couple.

I then began to visit the lifestyle forums on the Internet and saw that this is indeed an ongoing issue. I truly thought the lifestyle was about accepting others for who they are and they are and allowing anyone to be open sexually without judgment.

I even had the experience where we had a transsexual attend my event and although he was still a man, he lived his life as a woman and was very honest with my attendees about his sexuality and yet, judgement was passed.

I’m the most nonjudgmental person in regards to anyone involved in the adult industry, the lifestyle or their choice of sexuality.  I run a sex positive Podcast and I welcome anyone to my community, as long as they are respectful of others.

So this is where the dilemma comes into play. I have been in correspondence for a couple months with the owner of Eden after dark and we have developed a friendship and a business relationship.

He would like to combine events with my community and work together.  Although, I have no personal issue with this at all, many of my community members have stressed that this is not an interest to them.

I truly feel that if someone is not your cup of tea or someone’s sexual orientation is not your choice, why is it that we cannot all still be together and enjoy life, music dancing and spending time around others that are open minded without feeling the pressure to have any type of sexual relationship.  Why not just be open and honest and express that you are just not interested, but still welcome a new friendship.

Again if you follow my articles and blogs you will see that I often question why there is still so much judgment in anything adult related. I questioned why I could not partner with the owner of Eden after dark and have an event where my community and his community can come together and just celebrate sex positivity.

I continuously seek new guests for my Podcast who can share their story, their background, and help others learn by listening to them. Having the owner of Eden after dark as a guest on my latest episode will hopefully open my listener’s mind’s, my reader’s hearts and my community to acceptance of anyone regardless of their sexual preference.

I always welcome feedback and comments as this is how we all learn from one another.  Remember what I always say, it comes down to communication and honesty. I believe truly that these 2 groups could come together for an unbelievably amazing event.

Till next time stay sex positive, open minded and learn to listen to others without judgement.

coralyn jewel

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