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Swinging 101

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Lifestyle Consultation

Are You looking to get into the lifestyle as a couple or single, however you do not know where to start and want to make sure you don't make detrimental mistakes?


Book a 30 min consultation via zoom to review your questions or concerns and from there Coralyn will be your guide.

Adult Career Consultation

Are you contemplating a career in the adult industry either as a performer, content creator, webcam or behind the scenes but are not sure where to begin? Most of all, how to avoid crucial mistakes?


Coralyn has over 15 years in the industry in all aspects as she has done everything from perform, direct, produce, write, manage and will teach you everything you need to know to help you make an educated and informed decision if this is the right career for you.


Bo & Jo

It starts with a conversation between a couple: can we become swingers…?

It sounds simple: find a great-looking couple who will become your best friends with benefits. You find out quickly that finding four people with chemistry is not as easy as it sounds.

Many couples become frustrated and end their journey into the Lifestyle, only to end up finding another way to satisfy their sexual desires without their spouses.

There is someone that can help you, and your spouse find your way. Coralyn wants to be your guide; she is an open book with a genuine desire to help people find their sexual freedom. She has the experience and wisdom to save you from making so many mistakes! She is also a matchmaker, pointing couples towards people they will be compatible with.

We are thankful we found her!


After my divorce, I went on a journey of exploration.

Coralyn Jewel welcomed me warmly into the community and helped me feel at ease mingling with couples in the community.

Coralyn is always available to answer all my questions and truly cares about her community.

Mr. W and Mrs L

Coralyn is the absolute best at making everyone feel comfortable.

Getting into the Lifestyle she guided us and always checked in at events to make sure we were having a good time.

We highly recommend anyone new to work with Coralyn so you can have the best experience.

Jenny M.

Coralyn, introduced me to the lifestyle and guided me to this new world of excitement and closeness with new people that have over the years become good friends.

She has a way of making everyone feel comfortable and showed me a new part of the world that I learned to love and appreciate.

Nik & Kel

My husband and I found Coralyn online and read a bit about her and what she does.

I reached out to her on Skype and shared my situation with her. Coralyn, without judgment, said she felt she would be able to help.

We have now been working with Coralyn for a couple months and she has really made a significant difference for us.

I am even planning a vacation overseas to the US and she graciously offered her guidance on where we should stay and even provided contact information to her local friend to drive us around, gave us information on a party to attend an emergency contact if needed. Thanks Coralyn for everything.

We both truly appreciate you.


Coralyn is the best.

I am very new to the Lifestyle and she took me under her wing and wanted to make sure I go about this adventure in the safest possible way.

She will teach you to look deeper into the profiles, she showed me things that I never would have thought of.

She will evaluate your profile pictures and text and give you advice on how to show yourself in the best possible light. She also answered all my numerous questions about the proper, very complicated, etiquette in the LS world.

I highly recommend that you contact her for lifestyle coaching, newbies and experienced alike.