Could pornography films ever revert back to the way things used to be?

My guest this week was adult male porn star Eric Monti, who was very popular from 1993 to 1998, after making this career switch from middle school social studies teacher to the adult industry.

This is something I have touched on in the past in regards to why someone would choose to leave a respected career and embark on a career that many frown upon.

As I have progressed with interviewing various performers current and retired on my sex positive Podcast, The Hankie Pankie Podcast, I am seeing why so many performers from the Golden Era are disappointed with what the Adult Industry is today.

I saw 1st hand when attending the last 2 Exxxotica Expo’s in Miami and Chicago how the industry has changed dramatically. I spent the majority of my time with performers that had retired and had come back to attend these events to sign autographs and see first hand what has changed.

Together we spoke about how there is no longer a care for lighting, props, the set, and make-up or hair people on set. Most porn on the web has been shot with a cell phone, no lighting, terrible acting and a scene with no plot other than where will the male performer release his pop shot.

It has become unrealistic and meaningless and oftentimes degrading. There are quite a few directors and production companies trying to bring back the Golden Era way of creating porn films. There is an absolute need to make sex scenes sensual and erotic again. What happened to keeping the viewer on the edge of their seat with a storyline but also bringing out the euphoric side of the viewer. The scene should draw you in, create a visual picture for you the viewer to relate personally to and possibly find a piece of yourself in one of the characters. The viewer could even learn something beneficial even though it is a pornographic film.

I do feel that those I have encountered along my journey will succeed in bringing some of the “ way things used to be” back to the industry, however it will involve adjusting on all sides.

Sex scenes often times portray the woman as the submissive, catering to the male and just being used as a ragdoll. This is true on the opposite side as well, where male porn performers are dominated by a strong female Goddess or Mistress incorporating humiliation.

As I often reiterate , everyone has a different “cup of tea” and not everyone’s Barbie is someone’s Ken. We like what we like and are attracted to different types of sex, roleplay and sometimes taboo scenarios. However, there is still a need for returning back to when the pornography industry was actually idolized by mainstream for their creative lighting and intriguing plots.

Whatever type of adult productions you enjoy, opening your minds to try something different whether in viewing a film or actually playing out the roleplay with your partner could have a significant affect on your sex-life. 

Life is about experiences and trying new things. I often say when fantasy meets reality it is often not what we expected. It is then up to you to make the decision to either try that scenario again with adjustments or sweep it under the rug as a fantasy gone bad.

I leave this with you to ponder upon, often as a child we disliked a type of food but as we got older we gave it another try and actually really enjoyed it. Let’s look at the adult industry with the same view. Is it possible that when you were younger viewing pornography that you had only one goal in mind, the eagerness and pressure to reach your orgasm and then go to bed. What about now as you mature sexually, maybe a turn on is the tease, the sensuality and the desire to enjoy and edge yourself to the point of explosion.

With everything in life it is trial and error, so open your mind to a new way of viewing the adult industry and you might just be pleasantly surprised.

Till next time.

Coralyn Jewel
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