Do religion & sex go hand in hand?

Ok so this entry might piss some of you off or might open your mind a little more. I recently interviewed a brilliant man. Dr. Michael Perry who grew up in middle class semi religious household and went on to pursue schooling to become a priest. As Dr. Perry almost completed with his 16 years of preparation for his career he had a change of heart. He felt the restrictions were too much and he decided to pursue a PHD and is now a practicing sex therapist and also has produced, directed and filmed over 40 sexual instructional DVD’s.

Why did I choose to write this article now? Well, I have never been a religious person, however spiritual I am. I grew up having religion forced on me as a child which made me pull away when I was old enough to make my own choice. My parent’s later realized that forcing us children to enjoy high holidays and services just made us despise the faith even more. Not only that, it seems to me that so much hate in our world is due to race and religion.

Now, what does religion and sex have to do with each other. Let’s review for a moment what is a healthy balanced life as we know. Drink lots of water, get good sleep, exercise, make healthy food choices, lower your stress level, give time to your sexual health and let faith guide you to be a good person. So, why does it matter if you are brought up Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, Protestant if you can follow the healthy living advice then you can still “have your faith” but not judge or put restrictions on others that do not follow you faith.

Again, you ask how does this coincide with my interview with Dr. Perry. Here is a man from good household, religious up bringing , followed his goals for 16 years to serve the church and due to the nature of restrictions and rules placed upon a person wanting to enter a profession with the goals to help people, makes a 180 degree turn and finds a better way to really help people.

No matter your faith, your religious beliefs, the color of your skin, your nationality and your spiritual beliefs we all bleed the same color and we all have the same human bodies that need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to live the best life we can, so stop the judgment and unnecessary hatred. Let’s go back to the hippie era and just love each other.

Rant over


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