Do women Really Squirt?

As you know every week I do my best to correlate our guest and the episode topic with our blog topic. This week we had the pleasure of welcoming bio medical engineer, Aaron, known as The Squirt Man.  Aaron went on a mission to prove to every woman that you can squirt.  He developed a device that measures the speed and force of your fingers in real time to bring a woman to a squirting ejaculation.  You can learn more about his orgasmic research project, the watch, his documentary and the myths behind squirting on and his documentary

So let us dig a bit deeper.  If you have read my book, than you are aware that I first squirted when I lost my virginity my senior year in high school.   However, at that time I could not google the Internet to find out WTF just happened.  I was almost positive I had urinated on my boyfriend and in-fact he made sure that the entire fraternity house knew that according to him, I had peed on him! Well, as this continued to occur I decided to figure out what was really happening.

So a trip to the college library and some rather embarrassing questions to the librarian to point me in the right direction and my conclusion, “I was having an ejaculating orgasm!”.  So, my next question of course was, am I urinating on my partner.   My research concluded that although there may be a little urine when I would squirt, I was actually expelling a fluid from my Urethal opening when I became aroused.  The fluid released when I would “squirt” is diluted urine with a bit of ejaculate in it which is mostly prostate enzymes with just a hint of urea. ( I know, I know, a lot of science but I have to give you the facts).

Now there is still a debate if squirting and female ejaculation are the same or even feel like the same orgasm.  Some research shows that although a woman may squirt, where a decent amount of gushing fluid is released it is also said that ejaculation is more of a thick white fluid and is released from the Skene’s glands, or “the female prostate”.

A study in 2011 showed that female ejaculation contained some components that semen contains such as a prostate specific antigen (PSA) BUT, don’t worry I won’t bore you with the science behind it.  Let’s get down to business.  You are a woman and want to know if you can squirt and you are a man and want to know how to make a woman squirt.

First things first, every woman has the ability to squirt.  Second question everyone asks is, does it smell or taste?  Majority of men say it tastes sweet and has no real smell to it.    So ladies the key to being able to squirt is being able to relax and let it happen naturally. 

Ladies: First, prior to intercourse use the restroom and relieve your bladder.  Now second is to believe you can and let your inhibitions go.  Everyone describes the feeling differently and I can only speak for what my sensation is.  I feel as though I am 100% going to pee.  It is that feeling when you are in the car and there is no rest stop in site and you are dying to go and then just as you find that rest stop the feeling and site of a bathroom is orgasmic! 

Now, here again just speaking for me, I came to realize 10 years after being sexually active that my “squirting” was not my real orgasm. I thought it was and I enjoyed it, but at the age of 30 I discovered my body had the ability to have another orgasm, a clitoral orgasm with more intensity and overall body quivering.  

Everything with human sexuality is about discovering what you like and what your body likes.  What works for others may not work for you.  You may realize you can indeed “squirt” but you do not enjoy the feeling or you may realize that it is better than other orgasms you have experienced. 

MEN:  Do you want to make her Squirt? I urge you to listen to her desires and listen to her body movements.  I can’t tell you how many men came up to the Squirt Man’s Booth at the AVN Awards Expo showing me with their fingers that they 100% without a doubt could make a woman squirt by just wiggling their fingers. Guys, sorry but not the right technique but there is a technique.   It takes practice, both for the male and the female involved. 

There is tons of research on the Internet and of course in my latest episode you can meet Aaron and learn more of the science behind this patented product and watch the documentary to understand even more.

Want to try it? Well, I got The Squirt man to give our listeners a $20 savings. Visit use the code HANKIE and you will get the watch, instructional manual and a DVD with actual demonstrations. 

He offers a money back guarantee and “No do not send the watch back” LOL But I can tell you in our interview you will hear us discuss how many times I have seen the product demonstrated with my own eyes.   Women tell him, and me it is not possible and then with a little convincing and me by their side “They squirted” and numerous times!

Whatever it is in regards to sexuality and your desires, my podcast and weekly blogs are here to inform you, teach you and help you discover what you enjoy.  You are here to learn about things maybe you have wanted to try but did not know how, where to begin or who to talk to.  Sex is healthy and it is time to enjoy your sexuality. 

You know what I say, “One life to live, ONLY ONE and it is your life so live it!”.

With Love and (a Squirt blanket)


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