Do you believe society today is lacking basic morals?

Valentine’s Day is a day we not only express our love to our significant other, but also show our love and appreciation to our parents, children and close friends.  It is a day to stop for a moment and thank those in your life who make a difference. 

My article does not necessarily relate to this particular holiday,  but more in general to showing loyalty along with appreciation to others and offering your support and respect.

Whether referring to a certain career, alternative relationship or just among friends and co workers, there should be a common ground of known morals and what is acceptable.

Let’s start with an example of dancers working at a gentlemen’s club. If a man at the club is known amongst the other ladies to be his regular client, is it appropriate for other dancers to approach him offering their services? In my opinion, he has already been spoken for and there are plenty of other clients to go around.  Propositioning this client is showing complete disregard for your fellow dancers and will come back and as they say” Bite you in the ass “

Another example pertaining to the Swinger club community and other clubs in the same vicinity.  Anyone familiar with running a swinger’s club is very familiar with the obstacles and challenges faced to find a location, not only affordable but willing to allow an adult oriented event.

I recently was approached by a gentleman who has a property in the Hollywood hills that he expressed would be available for my use to host events if I chose to do so.   Upon a conference call the following day,  it was brought to my attention that there is another lifestyle club already using this venue for events. 

In my mind, I would be breaking ethical code if I chose to proceed with hosting my club event at that same location. 

The easiest way to put this into perspective is to reiterate what groundwork the first club put in to convince that venue to permit the event. 

If one club has does the initial negotiations and proves to be successful, they have earned the right to be the exclusive hosts for that location.

I speak from experience,  as numerous locations I cultivated for my community have been then taken over by other communities.    This causes two issues as now it is no longer unique to mt club and in addition, if something goes wrong at that venue when another club is hosting an event the owner is likely to put an end to all events of this kind. Another issue in this situation is that now this location is referred to as, “A dime a dozen ” because it has lost its value as something special.

Let’s take another concern in the lifestyle community that is overstepping boundaries and disregarding any morals or respect for what this lifestyle stands for. If you are a couple in the lifestyle community and you have established chemistry with another couple, it is customary that the male counterparts communicate with one another and the female counterparts communicate with 1 another.  I have seen with many of my clients I coach, the issue of the opposite sex having private texting conversations and engaging in flirtatious behavior unbeknown to their partner. This is not only disrespectful and against ” the rules” but it opens the doors for emotions to develop and can have potentially disastrous effects. 

What about an example completely unrelated to the adult industry or alternative lifestyle. How many times have you broken up with a boyfriend/ girlfriend only to see them 6 months later with one of your friends whom they met through you. Some people say, if you chose to end that relationship this ex is free to date as they please.

Correct, you do not have control over your ex and they are free to choose who they would like to date however, the one that lacks morals and any sense of respect or value of your friendship is your friend, not your ex. 

So as we near Valentines Day just stop for a moment and look at the various situations I have touched on.  Remember who your friends are, your co-workers and others who work in your same industry and instead of being jealous  or spiteful due to their success,  be proud of the accomplishments you see around you and use that energy to strive for your own accomplishments. 

I am a firm believer, “Karma’s a bitch and sometimes it misses the target” but what goes around comes around, it’s just a matter of time.

Be true to the morals you were raised on and don’t forget who you are while trying to achieve who you want to be.

Till next time, Coralyn jewel

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