Does it have to take a nearly fatal accident to change how you live your life?

My guest this week started her career as a public school teacher for 8 years before making the switch to the adult industry.

Now in her particular situation, it was not a near fatal accident that caused her to embark on a career in the adult industry, however when her career was at its peak she was in a car accident where she nearly lost her life.

This got me thinking about something that I focus on weekly on my Podcast interviews and my articles weekly. 

I truly believe that we only have one life to live and we have no idea what the future or tomorrow may bring .  It is important to make your own choices and live the life that you want to live as long as you are not hurting anyone.

I am taking this blog entry into a very personal direction. I embarked on a career in the adult industry by complete accident. Each career move was another curve ball thrown to me from every direction and it was up to me to decide what I was going to do with it.

I never knew that working in the industry as a director would then have me performing in front of the camera as an adult performer. I never in a million years would have thought I would have been a divorced mother of 2, trying to raise 2 children and not be gone all day long at an office job unable to spend quality time with my children.

My career led me down a variety of different paths and ultimately into the position that I believe I belong and was meant to be in.

When I was 1st approached to write a book about my life and my story I never thought that my book would get published let alone become a number one International best seller. The book opened so many doors for my career and led me to the opportunity to coach others and share my experiences so others can learn from my mistakes and the obstacles I had to overcome.

More than anything, when I interviewed Dee siren as my guest for this week’s episode and heard her story about how she nearly lost her life I asked myself what if my time was up tomorrow.   Who have I hurt?  Who is someone that I did not get to express my feelings too completely?

For those of you that do follow my story you know that I come from a wonderful family and amazing parents. When I published my book, I dedicated my story to my father who took the risk to bring my mother and I out here from South Africa with no job and very little money.

He persevered and built us a wonderful life in a new country. I always have looked up to my father and admired him.  I have always wanted him to be proud of me and accept me.

My book published June 15th 2020 and is now a number one International best-seller, however sadly after my father had read it we have not spoken since.

I guess, again I ask myself, what happens if I go tomorrow? Did I get to say everything I wanted to say to him? Did he get to say everything he wanted to say to me?? Why can we not all just stop the judgment and accept our friends, family members and coworkers for who they are as people and put everything else aside.

We have no idea what the future will bring but regret is nothing that any of us want to take to our grave.

Just think for a moment, who around you, close to you is yearning for your forgiveness,  your acceptance and your unconditional love. Don’t have that regret that you never truly gave them what they needed instead, open your heart, your mind and your soul to appreciate them for who they are and who they have achieved to be.

Till next time,

Coralyn Jewel

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