How has the Adult Industry changed?

For many who indulge in viewing pornography online, there are a variety of options. With so many fetishes, websites and performers, there is something out there for everyone.

What has changed in the industry is that you no longer have to rent a location, hire a crew, provide hair and make-up, a green room, an editor, or even hire talent.

With the endless online platforms where a couple can promote themselves together with just their cell phone, a computer, and filming at home, the industry has changed drastically.

The question remains: has it changed for the better or worse, or does it really just depend on the viewer and what it is he or she seeks for enjoyment.

Just like I have touched on in the past in my blog entries or on my various podcast interviews, everyone has a different cup of tea. While someone may prefer to indulge in a high-quality pornography scene or film with well-known talent, a storyline, lighting, music, and editing to accompany the film, others prefer a more raw unedited realistic approach to enjoying pornography.

There is no right or wrong in your choice, as a viewer has the right to choose what turns them on.

It is the same with mainstream, while I prefer a comedy movie versus a Sci-Fi film, someone else may lean towards adventure or horror for their entertainment.

What is important in all of this is the fact that now with the internet and pirating of music, television shows, films, and adult industry work, it is more important than ever that the fans support the performers.

Whether it be a music artist releasing a song or new album, although many know how to access that for free, where is the support for the artist. The same goes for the adult industry. If the fans continue to view the scenes that have been stolen from other membership-based platforms, soon the performers will have no production companies to shoot for and the ultimate outcome will be the loss of any quality films in the industry.

Think about this for just a moment. Some of your favorite performers will no longer be able to shoot for some of your favorite sites as those companies need you, the fans, to support the platforms, the performers, and the production companies.

Help keep the adult industry alive and support the sex workers. If you follow a performer on a platform, even if his or her membership is only $10 a month, really that is nothing. A video used to sell in the adult stores for $10 and up for ONE video.

Take for example my Onlyfans platform. This is a free platform for my followers. With almost 200 followers, what is a $1 tip from each of them once a week just for showing support to me as a performer? That’s only $4 a month out of you, the fan’s pocket.

The point is, many of us love our job and appreciate our fans, however, everyone has to put a roof over their head and food in their mouth.

The next time you go watch a performer’s stolen content, at least make an attempt to locate that performer’s online platform whether it be OnlyFans, Loyalfans, Fancentro, etc, and go tip them. After all, they are the reason you enjoyed the scene or the film in the first place, so take a moment and go show them your support.

You may not realize it but $1 from 200 fans once a week goes a long way and can make a difference. SUPPORT YOUR FAVORITE PERFORMERS. I for one can tell you first hand. I do notice who my true fans are and I do make sure they know I appreciate their support.

Till next time

Coralyn Jewel

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