How to create a good Profile on a Lifestyle site

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Many times I am approached by couples or singles telling me they have a profile on a swinger website or app and are still having trouble meeting other like-minded friends. They ask me to look at their profile and advise them with what changes they need. So today’s entry is to help you try to adjust your profile to help you get more interest.

First and foremost, you must be honest in your profile. Remember, at some point if the initial conversation goes well then you will meet in person. Do not post images from 10 years ago. DO not write HWP (Height, weight proportionate) if you know truthfully you could lose some pounds. Just be you.

If you female are Bi-curious write bi curious if you know you like being intimate with a woman then choose the Bi option and what about if you are a man and bi curious or you know you are straight click what most represents you.

Remember, you are on a swinger site to add spice to your sexual life either solo or with a partner so why lie?

OK here we go:

  1. I disagree with putting 69 for your age. If you are 55 put 55 in your profile if you are 55 but look 45 then include that.
  2. I cannot stand when someone sends me a flirt then I click to look at their profile and it says nothing about them and shows no images (we will touch on images and privacy shortly)
  3. Include information such as if you are new to the lifestyle or experienced. Are you bi sexual, bi curious or are you straight. Are you a couple that soft swaps only(this means no intercourse) only oral play or are you a full swap couple? Maybe you are 100% new and do not yet know what you enjoy so you are testing the waters slowly. It is fine to say that. Maybe you are a voyeur or an exhibitionist. Maybe you are a hot-wife (your husband just wants to watch you in action with another man). Remember, there are so many different aspects to being involved in the Swinger lifestyle so be honest with what you are trying to get out of being involved in the lifestyle.
  4. OK let’s talk about images:
    1. DO not put an airplane or a flower as your main image. Huge turn off. You do not have to put your face or faces; you can just do half body and nude not required. Many people understand the need for discrepancy. In your pictures only viewable to members add some other images such as a mix of you doing an activity (gym, boating, playing a sport) again, face not required.
    2. Now all sites have what is called your private album here you can put nude images or face photos and only someone you provide a password or grant them what some sites call ” A backstage pass” only then can your private images be accessed with your permission.
  5. Now what to say in your profile: this can be tricky. Some people want to see the size of your cock or want to know you are good at oral. Others like myself, do not want to see your cock or hear that you can lick pussy for hours. I want to know you are intelligent, funny, and respectful and I will enjoy my time with you if we choose to be intimate. SO I suggest if you do want to share your sexual “talents” do so tactfully: Example below:

    Female half is spunky, intelligent, loves to laugh and sexy is an understatement. Beautiful round ass and lips that are so sensual and soft you will be yearning for more.

    Male half is dominant in the bedroom but respectful and loves to please. Strong hands that will tantalize the body and ladies, “let’s just say he knows what to do with his tongue”.

    If we end up full swapping, my man will not disappoint.

Do you see how above, I described just a bit of both partners but even though a bit descriptive it was not tacky.

Last thing to touch on is testimonials:

OK now if you look at my profile as a club hostess on various sites I have over 25 testimonials however, they are not saying how good I am in bed, or how I am good at oral etc. they are saying type of person I am, how I run my events and more touch on my personality.

Testimonial Examples you want on your profile

I met this man and he was an absolute gentleman. Knew how to make me feel special and did not disappoint.

Another example:

We met this couple for drinks. It was our first experience on this site and we cannot thank them enough for a perfect introduction to this lifestyle. We had great conversation in and out of the bedroom. If you have the chance to meet them do not pass them up.

Testimonial Examples that in my opinion turn me the other direction:

(If a profile has TONS of testimonials and they all talk about fucking, sucking, squirting, anal and for me bareback I am not interested)

Example of a testimonial you might not want on your profile:

My husband and I met this couple at a party. Within 15 minutes were upstairs and the fucking began. We do not use condoms and prefer bareback and they agreed. We do not want to get to know you we just want to fuck.

Again, remember when I write and share with you my thoughts are my opinions and you of course have a right to your own. I am just a woman who feels integrity and class go far in this lifestyle.

Till next time,


Coralyn Jewel

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