Is emotional cheating actually cheating?

Being an adult performer,  running a swingers club and previous experience in a brothel.  you would think I am strong and cheating does not hurt. 

However, ask your self what is emotional cheating. What if your significant other proffeses their love for you but simultaneously is still staying in touch with an ex. Is that cheating? 

What if your significant other is messaging that ex with good morning beautiful prior to sending you that message?  what if your significant other writes to their ex ” you will always have my heart” is that cheating?

Well today’s blog focuses on that as this recently happened to me. Should I be upset? Considering I still shoot in the adult industry and I am having sex with others for work is it acceptable for my significant other to have these actions with an ex. 

Is it acceptable to wake up in the morning and the first person on their mind is an ex not you?

Today that is my question to you. If you have read my book you know that I am a strong powerful woman and it takes a lot to break me. Guess what readers I was recently broken. 

I write this today to help my readers.  I want you to know that if you are with someone your heart must be with that person. If it is not then let that person go. Do not hold on for the sake of not being alone. It is not worth it. It is not worth what you will do to your “significant” others heart. 

Stay strong readers, trust your gut and be true to you. You matter first and I let my guard down. I share with you so you learn from me. I will always share with you and I want only the best for each and everyone of you. 

I was hurt. I was betrayed, but I will stay strong and I will believe my true love out there exists. Believe when your tummy tells you something is not right, as you know yourself better then anyone.

Trust in you. 
with love 
Coralyn Jewel 

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