Is it more difficult for a male to get involved in the Adult Industry?

It has been known to many that to work as a male porn star is harder than to work as a female performer, however, times have changed with the Internet and almost anywhere you look a man with a cell phone now has his own adult content platform such as a pornhub page, Manyvids page or Onlyfans.  Are they making money though or are they just doing this to get laid? The answer is both. If you are smart and are a good editor, have good equipment, and have a good business mind you can be successful as a male performer and content producer.

On a daily basis, I am approached via social media with normally a single male inquiring how he can become an adult performer. Let me explain to you that the industry is not what it used to be back in the day. It is difficult to break into the Adult Industry as a legit performer, male or female.

Many performers no longer search for an agent, since they can create their own content and apply for producers on their own, however, as a male you are more likely to get work in the industry if you have agency representation.  Also, when it comes to paying per scene, men do not get paid the same as a female.  I, personally do not agree with this as the man has just as much responsibility as the female, possibly more as he must fish the scene with the anticipated “pop shot’.

Along with having an agent, you need to be able to meet some additional requirements such as the size of your tool, preferred is to have 8 to 9″ at least and you must have the ability to get hard on demand.  Now imagine cameras are around you and a director is telling you that it is now time for the pop-shot, you then need to be able to have the ability to ejaculate on demand.

As a viewer watching a porn scene, it looks like it is shot from the beginning to end with no stop and go, however that is for the most part, incorrect. There is a lot of stopping and you have to have the ability to have sex with the female talent in awkward positions. For example, just because you are in the doggy style position, it is imperative you are always aware of the camera and make sure that your arm is not blocking the actual intercourse.

Now, on set for a bigger production company, when the director has all the content he needs and tells you it is time to pop, well boys, you are now on the spot. The cameras will turn off, the director may walk away and take a bite of pizza while waiting for you to masturbate till you are close, which you must then announce to everyone so cameras can proceed to roll, and the female can get into position.

If you are shooting your own content for a platform and it is not as professional, some fans actually prefer that, but now the trick is to get fans to follow your page and your content. Here is where you need a good business mind, decent camera, and basic editing skills.

Most important, you need to be 100% aware that the minute you film anything and put yourself out there on the Internet, you can be seen by anyone. Trying to remain discreet and hide this side of your life is not so easy. If you market on social media the way things are now, especially on a site like Facebook, friends from your “vanilla” life get notified, “ Do you know this person?” due to facial recognition.

Many men come to me and say, but I only want to do POV. My face is not going to be shown. Well, this is true, but, and again just my opinion, what makes your content unique or different from the hundreds of other platform pages where a man is holding the camera filming the action. My suggestion is, I hope you have a niche, a nice package, good editing skills, and a creative marketing plan. Without these crucial items along with what I mentioned above, your success will be what you make of it.

I close with this,  if you follow my podcasts, my articles, and my social media postings, the industry changes daily. Although we as an Industry thought were making progress with sexual freedom and acceptance, it is the opposite. Follow recent news articles and prepare for what will be next. Social media profiles are being pulled daily, platforms that were successful because of porn performers, are now shunning performers and restricting their accounts.

As a member of the industry be ready to stand up for what you believe in and be ready to put up a fight. It is a team effort, so if you want to be a part of it, you better jump on the bandwagon and give all you have to your team.

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