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Pineapple the safe word needed in a tough world

Is there such a thing as to much safety? In the world we live in today with so many harsh situations that challenge us both physically and mentally, I became very uplifted when researching the Pineapple support.

When conditions in society are mainly generated from fear of the unknown, it is encouraging to see this Pineapple community coming together to support an industry that is so easily judged and that perhaps creates an environment that gives positive energy and care for those in need.

Leya Tanit and her team really step up and provide a positive impact for a society that is supports the frail and uplifts the lonely. When reading and researching, it is quite obvious that this organization can link to survival when the harshness of the world comes knocking.

In the world of perfection and the adult industry, there is no exception to judgment.   We all tend to be our own worst enemies and therefore it is essential to have channels such as the Pineapple society to turn to for encouraging support that can actually provide a solution in situations when it comes down to life or death.

To be heard without judgement, to let go of the demands for strength and to let yourself be small to be able to rise again is something this community seem to provide.

The general misconception,  still to this day that adult performers are more or less forced into the industry by bad choices. However, even if this type of career is your own choice, entering into the adult industry comes with no manual but for sure enormous judgement from society.

As a person who thrives on spreading positive energy, it is encouraging to see such a caring community that provides shelter for the individuals that might be in need. To be able to reach out 24/7 when you might feel as small and as insignificant as humanly possible can be the reason to live on another day. I will most definitely start keeping track of the positive impact this community has not only for those in the adult industry but actually the world we live in.

I mean who doesn’t need to be boosted every now and again? I know I sure do and it sometimes starts with just that person that sees the need and takes action, such as,  Leya Tanit.
When she reflected on the lives lost she did not wait she acted and from there she and her team have created just that safe haven for those in need that build them up when they are down and installs that pride that was lost.

We need more people doing what Pineapple support organization is doing and I shall end this blog with encouraging each and every one that reads this to look around your everyday life and do your own part to create a better and more informative world,  where we all can live in a more positive and accepting world where the people around you can be heard even sometimes without words.

Remember kindness is free.  To donate to this non profit 501-C organization please visit:

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