Super Spreaders

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“Super Spreaders” WTF??

Recently the LAPD raided and shut down a “Swingers Party” for violations of Covid Guidelines.

The news coverage shows swat team officers outside a warehouse announcing over a loudspeaker “The party is over”. Grown adults are seen being escorted from the warehouse and news cameras are everywhere.

All attendees were cited and the event came to an end. Now here are my feelings on this.

I am completely aware and understand we are in a health pandemic right now. HOWEVER, what happened to grown adults making their own choices? If someone feels they are a risk to get sick from Covid-19 then take the necessary precautions, however, if you want to continue living, working, and going about your life should we get to make that choice?

Besides the fact that many have lost their businesses, suffering from depression and suicide rates are at an all-time high….my question is, “Does our government have the right to stop us from living?”

Now, more related to this blog entry, the news coverage was seriously awful. The footage shows the identity of attendees leaving the warehouse and calling them “Super Spreaders”. I guess the LAPD crime rate must be significantly down to put their time, energy, and focus on people just trying to have fun and still live.

It saddens me as we risk our lives daily getting in our car or taking a trip on a plane but this whole pandemic has destroyed families, loved ones lost, businesses closed, suicide rates are up and the news puts a story like this out in such a derogatory way it sickened me.

Here I and so many other sex-positive podcasts, speakers, educators are trying to break the stigma of being involved in “The Lifestyle”. We try to teach our listeners that the lifestyle community is a not low-class trashy people but instead just middle-class women and men who are just trying to find out for themselves what type of lifestyle works for them.

As we all know, life will go on and maybe our Constitutional rights will some-day, be given back to us. In the meantime Wash your hands, take your Vitamins especially D and keep your head up and your spirits up. We will get through this and then we can all go be “SUPER SPREADERS!!”


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