What is it like to work in a legal Brothel

This article is written from my point of view and my experience as a legal sex worker during 2017.  Many tourists who visits Las Vegas Nevada think that “prostitution” is legal but in-fact that is incorrect.  It is only legal in regulated registered brothels.

How does someone apply to work in a brothel?

There are a few mandatory requirements to fill out an application and be accepted to work in a legal brothel.  You must :

  • Be 21 years old
  • You will be required weekly to do STD and HIV testing
  • Required to complete a W-9 form as you are an independent contractor of the house
  • A Sheriff’s Card is required to show you have no criminal record.
  • You will be responsible for a daily room and board fee depending on the “house” you work a. In my case if you earned a certain amount daily during your “parties” you were exempt from room and board fee.
  • Some brothels require you to have an in-person interview with the house mom, in my case I came with good references and experience and a phone interview was all I needed to get in the door.

What is required from you when you get hired?

  • Once I was notified that I was accepted to work you must travel up to Nevada one day early to complete testing at the medical facility and then travel another hour to check in to the brothel. I then had to get my testing paperwork and proof of “employment” and drive 45 minutes back south to visit the Sheriff’s office and get my Sheriffs card. Now, this experience was very awkward for me as I sat in the waiting room with others everyone there for a different reason and I was waiting to get a card that actually when printed said legal prostitute in the state of Nevada. ( Every 3 months you must get a new card)
  • It is imperative you pack all your own supplies such as toys, outfits, lube, condoms as nothing is provided to you. Even simple things you may forget to bring such as baby wipes, paper towels are required.  Thank goodness there was a Walmart 45 minutes away to get supplies I was unaware of needing.

 Who shows you the “Ropes”

  • When you are a new girl you are supplied with what they call “a big sister” someone who has been in the home a while and can teach you how the daily operation works. Sadly, my big sister was not very helpful and the day I got there she left the next day for a tour and I was left to figure things out on my own.

What is the “Bunny Book?”

Now again, I am writing from my personal experience as I am unaware if all homes have a book new girls are required to read before you start working. Upon my arrival, I was presented by the house mom with what they called, “The Bunny Book”. This was longer than any college text book I had received.  The bunny book reviewed the rules of the house, how you negotiate a “party”, and even went as far as to explain how you check a potential client for anything suspicious by doing a DC.  What is a DC you ask, well I had the same question.  My Big sister was not available so I did my own online research and this is a “Dick Check”.  So now, I had to figure out how was I going to politely ask a potential client before we set up a session, “ May I please see your dick for any funny looking warts etc? OMG!  I was mortified and how to do this.  I figured out a way.  All potential clients had to shower with me first and I would try to inconspicuously do my check on them without them noticing.  Thank goodness, I never had anyone with something strange and I did not have to have the akward conversation of ending the “party”.

How does a line up work?

When the doorbell rings the house mother rings a bell and all ladies are required to come to the front of the home in what they called the Parlor.  Here you line up and introduce yourself to the potential client.  A lot of times we would have people who just wanted a tour of the home.   There were rules to the lineup:

  • Even if you had just finished working out or gotten out of the shower you were required to attend line-up
  • You could NOT show your personality in line up. No being giggly, no real movement it was a simple stand still, arms to your side and “Hi my name is Coralyn Jewel”.
  • If you were chosen you were to offer a tour of the home. If that was all they wanted after the tour and they gave you a tip you were required to turn in the tip to the house mom which was recorded on your time card.
  • All money went through house mom and everything even tips were split 50/50
  • What if you tried to keep your tips? DON’T! The owner of the brothel (at least it was written in the bunny book) would send in “Spies” to see if they tipped you in your room where there are no cameras and did you pocket the tip.  I was never going to take the chance as I felt we were being given a safe place to work and dishonesty is not my thing.

What does it mean to “Sleep Pretty”

In my situation, we were on the clock 24 hours a day and if you were in the house for 7 days you were on the clock for 7 days.  We could go hours with no door bell and then at 4 AM the house bell could ring. All girls were required to get out of bed and make your way to lineup.  So they called it, “Sleep Pretty”.  When I would go to sleep it would be with full make-up on, lingerie on and on my bedside table a mint, deodorant, perfume, heals and lipstick to throw on within 30 seconds and run down the hallway looking like I never went to sleep.

What is a party?

A “Party” is the terminology used for having a session with a client.  Anytime a potential customer walks through the house doors that is a potential party.  If after the tour, they wanted to discuss their idea for a “session” with you, it was a rule that NO NEGOTIATIONS” took place in the parlor.  All negotiations were to be in your room with the door open.  If an agreement was made the girl and the client together would approach the house mom’s window and all financial transaction would take place at that time.

Who decides the cost of each “Party” / “Session”

You are your own boss. You are an independent contractor of the home. If you have a customer request something you are not willing to do then you are under NO obligation to complete that “party”. You decide your own cost just have to remember that half of whatever you charge is the house’s to keep.

How are you safe when alone in your Room with a Client?

In my situation our house was fairly small, I think eight bedrooms.  We all had emergency buttons in our room and if your session was to extend over the original agreed time it was imperative you stop the session and together re-approach the house mom’s window to complete the financial transaction for extended time.

Everyone will have a different experience regarding their experience in the Adult industry or working in a brothel.   I enjoyed my time at the brothel. I made some good friends and to this day I still keep in touch with them.  I only did three tours and then began to focus on other aspects of my career.

I am appreciative of my time at the brothel.  I am appreciative to Sable Renae who assisted in me getting the position and I will always be thankful to the late Dennis Hoff for giving us a safe place to earn a living.

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