Please Enjoy my article about “Can you be a cheater if you are a Swinger?

I am excited to share this with you today and please read if you are feeling down as there is a point to my babble. For the 2nd month in a row, a huge thank you to Kinkly for publishing my submitted article on their front page. 🙏☺ Here
You know how we say growing up, I want to be a firefighter, a doctor, teacher, or even a ballerina, and when you grow up and end up somewhere completely different. You may love your career or you may hate it. My childhood dream had only 1 goal in mind, a chance to compete in the Olympics in figure skating and represent my birth country. I also can comfortably say, writing a book,  let alone publishing it, never crossed my mind. Hosting my own “Podcast” (radio show) was not even a thought in my head. Running a Swingers club, being a wedding planner, studying sexology, and pursuing a career as a performer was never one of the answers I wrote on the grade school questionnaire when it said, What do you want to be when you grow up?”. However, here I am on my journey through life, and as we all know, this journey can be a real testament to willpower and determination. TODAY, if my words can help someone feeling down PLEASE GET UP & KEEP GOING.
When my dream was taken from me I felt that my life had been taken from me. NOW 25 YEARS LATER, goals I never thought I even had and accomplishments I thought were never in reach for someone like me, are proving to me over and over again we can do anything we put our minds to.
Today I cross off my list another goal I did not even know I had. For two months in a row, my article has been featured front page of Kinkly, and I am compensated for my contribution. I was the girl who was told you better stick to skating cause you are not really good at anything else. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 I wonder what they think now. If you read this far thank you. If you know of someone who may need some encouragement, feel free to share. Bring on the next challenge, I welcome it with open arms.

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