The misconceptions about those involved in anything Adult Industry related

As some of you may or may not know, the reason I chose to put my story into a book and share some of my biggest secrets is because I was tired of everyone assuming that just because I was an adult performer, I was uneducated or came from a broken home. 

I then realized, I was not the only one feeling this type of judgement.  I then started my Hankie Pankie Podcast, and have had a variety of guests who are involved in different realms of the industry.

As I have had the honor of having so many amazing guests from Pro-Doms, to lifestyle club owners, to Swinger couples, Sex therapists, relationship therapists, Authors and many more, it is now even more prevalent that most in the industry or very educated and have a strong work ethic.

So, why is it that even when I interviewed Sharon Mitchell and adult performer who’s career began in the 1970’s that here we are today in 2021 and we have not really made that much progress?

Why is it that if you get a college degree and work in the corporate world you are accepted by all, but the minute you make a choice to switch careers and enter the adult industry, you are shunned by many.

How come some of my guests who do not even perform sexually in the industry, but instead write for a sex column, or work as a professional dominatrix still have to keep this side of their life a secret?  Some say, they cannot even have their camera on for our YouTube channel to avoid risking their other job.

SO, as I write this entry and I continue to ask myself what can we do to make others understand, everyone has sex.  Everyone bleeds the same color.  Everyone may come from a different religious background, race, nationality but we are all human and we all have the right to make our own choices.  Does it make you a bad person because you write erotic stories? Does it make you a  bad person because you perform on webcam for customers wanting to experience a roleplay fantasy and are you a bad person because your job consists of showing up to work on an adult set and shooting a sex scene?

It is time we stop judging our friends and family members for this line of work.  If no one is getting harmed and you are following safety practices and being smart about the choices you make then go on with your life and be who you are.  If a family member, friend, or co-worker choose not to accept your career than they are just crating negativity around you.

I say it now and will say it again, “You have only one life to live, live it for you and be true to yourself”.

Till next time,

Coralyn Jewel

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