Ways to spice up your sex life

In every day to day living things can become monotonous and boring. The routine of waking up, coffee, breakfast, work or school, home, errands, dinner, dishes bed and repeat can make any couple start to lose the passion in their relationships. What are some things a couple can do regardless of being together 6 months or 60 years? Here are some ideas to re light your fire.

Date night: Set aside at least one night a week or day a week for just you and your partner. This does not mean a fancy dinner out every week but something just for you to put away electronics and focus on each other. Talk about your week, your high’s and lows and just spend time touching and holding one another.

Go on a trip: Set aside time to get away from your home a short drive, flight or even a staycation such as a hotel in your city where you can pamper yourselves. Surprise each other with something special on your trip. A special poem, a note expressing your love, flowers, bubble bath just something to keep the spark alive.

Role-play: Yes, if you are not ready or wanting to get involved in a Consensual non monogamous relationship such as Swingers, Polyamoury, polysexual etc that is absolutely 100% fine but you can role play the thoughts and ideas in the bedroom. Just sometimes the dirty talk is enough to create some different sexual energy in the bedroom and that’s all it takes to reignite that spark.

Make a sex tape: Most people are either exhibitionists or voyeurs, so making a sex tape together gives you as a couple a chance to try out both.
Change it up: Yes, sex can sometimes feel like a chore if you are tired or just not in the mood which leads to just simple missionary or What a one of my recent guests, Dr. Muray referred to as ” nipple, nipple, pussy”. Try different positions and if you need some pointers go to Dr. Perry’s website and watch his sex position instructional DVD with different ideas.

Whatever you do in your relationship, put your partner on the pedestal they deserve and keep working together on your relationship and growing that love, that passion and that fire.

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