What does your reputation mean?

It is true, that, within any line of work that you are involved in,  your reputation is key and in order to gain respect and maintain the respect it is up to you to uphold your morals and your values in the industry you choose to work in.

I have chosen this topic because as many of you who do listen to my Podcast weekly and read my weekly blogs know,  I choose to correlate my entries with my guests.

This week I had the honor and privilege of not only interviewing the 1st major director that I worked on set, Luc Wylder but also, his amazing wife Alexandra Silk.

I often contemplate on what direction my career would have gone if I had I made the mistakes of working with the wrong agent, producer, director, or talent.

I was lucky enough early on in my career to be cast in a film directed by Luc Wylder. The level of professionalism I experienced along with an overall amazing experience with the cast, crew and everyone else on set, I truly believe was a gift to my early entry into this field.

Within any career that you choose, people talk.  It is even more prevalent now with online Internet access and the ability to post reviews on businesses positive or negative.  I,  1st hand know as a wedding planner,  I went 7 years with 5 star positive reviews until my first negative review.   It just takes one person to post a negative review that can turn your career upside down.

In the adult industry, it is even more imperative that you maintain a reputation that is reputable and clean.   Models and performers along with directors, talent agents and PR managers communicate continuously with one another in regards to their experiences with someone in the industry that may have, “rubbed them the wrong way”.

This is not to say that 1 person’s word is more relevant than the other however, in an industry such as this, it is imperative that your guard is up and that you you make sure to trust your initial gut feeling if something just doesn’t feel right.

I can without a doubt say that the minute I am contacted for a possible shoot, I not only  run my own background check, but I reach out to others in the adult industry to verify the reputation on who has contacted me.  

I am also very hesitant on who I work with as I have worked hard to uphold my reputation as a professional and responsible performer.

Whatever line of work you choose, make the right choices and think before you act.  In everything I life we do, our choices follow us, so think them through and make sure you are making the right one.

Till next time,

Coralyn Jewel

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