What is a GWC? How to avoid the label and how models can protect themselves

What is a GWC?
How to avoid the label and how models can protect themselves.

Most people who work as a model or in the industry whether it is the adult industry or mainstream are very familiar with the term GWC.   However, to many, this is a foreign industry and therefore, the terminology unknown.

A GWC  Stands for guy with camera, in other words someone who is not a professional in the industry, but is misrepresenting themselves as though they are.

When I am approached on any modeling site, adult industry site or social media app being offered any type of gig as a model or actress it is imperative that I do my background check prior to accepting or even wasting precious time in back and forth correspondence.

The 1st thing you need to do is take a look at the profile that is contacting you and see if there are any credits from other models or references as well as check how long they have had a profile on that site. 

A common scam no is also when they offer to spend you a cashiers check or money upfront to purchase wardrobe, stay away this is a scam.

Such sites as Model Mayhem. Sexy Jobs, One Model Place, Adult Folio and X-Biz just to name a few have the option to endorse the photographer or production company.  The same goes with a photographer or production company reaching out to a model or performer they too, can have references,  credits or endorsements on their profile.

If a photographer or director has no references the next thing you want to take a look at is do they have a website? Who are their followers and samples of their work.  After checking the following, this still might not be enough as they could be pretending to be someone else.  This can also happen for a photographer hiring a model who might be using stolen images.

The next safety precaution is to get a phone # and run it for a background check.  There are a variety of apps for a small annual fee that you can run the phone number on and see if any reports have been made on the person who has contacted you.  This is usually the first thing I do in my app and it is almost my dead giveaway it is a scammer.

You can also check if the phone number matches the name they have provided you and the phone number that is listed on their website.

Another precautionary step is to reach out to the actual models that they have claimed to work with, which again are listed on a number of these sites. You can send a direct message to the model or performer and request a reference. If you are using a social media app is you can also follow the performer and then send them a message on that app.

If at any given point the model or the producer is hesitant to provide you a phone number, references, a website, link to their work or any pertinent information that is a sure sign that they are not who they say they are.

You are entitled to run these checks as your safety is your number one priority.  The saying if it is too good to be true it probably is stands 100% relevant in this industry.

You need to know the industry rates for scenes and hourly rate for modeling depending on if it is is glamor, implied nude, boudoir, full nude or erotic.   Up to date suggested rates can be found through legit sites such listed below.

Someone can also misrepresent themselves and claim to be a scout or agent for a production company you have heard of but they might not even be associated with them. Again, you have the right to contact that production company and ask if this person doesn’t indeed work for them or with them.

If everything checks out and you book your shoot, many producers and photographers prefer that you do not have an escort with you as it can be a distraction,  However, it is OK for someone to escort you to the shoot and make sure that you are safe prior to leaving you to your work.

We have all made the mistake of getting overly excited for a opportunity that has been presented without doing the necessary checks.   I myself will admit I too have made many mistakes, luckily none that ended putting me in any type of danger but more a waste of time back and forth.

Here is a list of a couple sites where you can set up a profile and look for work as a model or performer but remember, you still need to be leery of scams.

Modeling and Adult Industry Job Sites







Facebook groups 

A list of Legit Adult talent agencies


Average Rates depending on circumstances and experience of Model or Performer

Typically. a male performer will be paid around $500-$600 per day though better-known stars can earn $700-$900 and a female will get $800 t $1000 for a Boy/Girl scene.  Rates go up if you are a performer who offers anal and or a threesome scene, double penetration etc. Here is a good link for reference

Modeling rate:

This is a site to use for reference however, these are rates for a more experienced model.


These are suggested rates and what I charge to give you nan idea.  I also take into account my travel time and distance and add that into the fee.

Fashion: $60 an hour to $80 an hour

Implied  Nude: $75 per hour

Nude: $100 per hour

Erotic $120 per hour

I normally set my modeling at a 3-hour minimum and add $50 for travel time. 

Always remember, do your research, ask questions, trust your gut and most importantly, stay safe.

Till next time,

Coralyn Jewel

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