What is a Pro-Domme & Why would someone hire them?

A Pro-Domme, also known as a Dominatrix is a female whose career is to play out your fetish, kink, and or fantasies. There are differences you need to know though between a mistress, a Goddess, and a Pro-Domme. Also, there are Dommes that offer their sessions only in a professional dungeon, where others offer sessions in your home or their place.

What kind of “things” happen in a session? Well, this is really what you the client make of it. You can have any fetish, or fantasy fulfilled, within reason of course. Electric play, or being pegged, being verbally humiliated, or even kicked in the balls, yes, it is what you desire in your session that a pro-Domme is hired to fulfill.

Some of the more common requests include spanking, bondage, ball or cock torture, small penis humiliation, and even medical play and verbal humiliation. Many people cannot comprehend why anyone would want to pay someone to “torture” them or inflict pain, but there is a mental science behind this type of Kink.

The answer is normally that you as the client have a fetish or Kink that possibly you are afraid to discuss or try with your partner. For some, the workplace is a stressful environment where you as a business owner must constantly be in charge and be the decision-maker, so using this outlet is a way to be submissive and let someone else control you.

It is important that you do your research not only on what you want to try but who you choose to see as your professional. Not every Domme is the same. If you are undecided about what you want to do in your session, being honest and communicating with your Domme is important, so she too can help you and guide you. Being afraid to speak up and share your need, wants, or desires is what will make your session successful.

It is also crucial, you understand the difference between what a Pro-Domme can offer you and what an escort or sex worker offers. Walking into a dungeon with the expectations of a “happy ending” or more is not the right environment to seek that type of “treatment”. A Dominatrix is hired to roleplay or guide you with experiencing a KINK not to provide any other sex services.

How much you should pay for a session really depends on, the city you are located in, the experience your professional Domme has, and even how much competition there is from others in the same field. The going rate is around $300 for an hour; however, highly desired Dommes can charge as much as $500. It is also customary to tip your Dominatrix, especially if your session is in a dungeon, where a percentage of the fee you pay goes to the Dungeon.

Don’t forget the essential need to communicate your safe word. You must share this with your Dominatrix and if you feel your boundaries have been pushed too far, then it is your responsibility to use it. Your Domme is there to provide you with the experience you desire, she is there to roleplay and pushes the limit with you, but she is not a mind reader. It is imperative you have a good level of communication with her.

Let us touch on etiquette when hiring a Pro-Domme. Arrive at your session on time and practice good hygiene. Do not be under any type of influence of drugs or alcohol, as many Pro-Dommes will ask you to leave and the session will be canceled. Make sure you and your professional Dominatrix have discussed any rules or limits she may have and do not attempt to press those upon arrival. Finally, you are the client there for a service and your dominatrix is there to do her job, do not ever try to negotiate your tribute to her upon arrival, during, or after a session. Make sure both parties are in agreement on everything related to the session prior to beginning. Most important, relax, enjoy and let your inhibitions release as you enter into the world of fantasy and Kink.

Till next time,

Coralyn Jewel

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