What is Fan day all about?

What really is Fan day with Coralyn Jewel 
I wanted to write this entry and share with my fans about such a wonderful experience that was actually the idea of my photographer from Reno, Nevada.
A year ago I had planned a girl’s trip to Reno Nevada and posted on my social media about our weekend away.   A fan whom I had never met prior asked if we would like to come to the bar across the street and have a drink while in town.
I had also simultaneously arranged a photo shoot with a local photographer while in town. After the shoot, the photographer joined us across the street at the bar for a drink and to meet our new friend.   Mark was an absolute pleasure and he made us feel very welcome.  The photographer and he also developed a friendship.  Since that experience, I have shot with that same photographer four additional times in California as well as in Nevada.
We decided to schedule another shoot just recently back in Reno Nevada. It was the photographer’s suggestion that I reach out to Mark and see if he would like to be the photographer’s assistant helping with lights and equipment.  I asked the photographer on my behalf to please reach out and see if Mark would be interested and they could make arrangements from there.   What was supposed to be just one day of Mark assisting, turned into an entire weekend.     Having the additional set of hands and great company made for an overall productive, fun and memorable weekend.
I cannot explain or even put into words how good it made me feel to see the excitement on his face and how much he truly was appreciating being a part of this whole experience. Not only was he present when we were taking photos but of course joined us for dinner and some fun laughs.  From shooting in an alley in downtown Nevada to holding my shoes and robe so the homeless man, we think on meth, but can not say for sure would not take my robe and leave me freezing.   Or the time Mark went down to the car to get the margarita mix and encountered a growling ghost in the haunted hotel.  I can’t forget when the photographer and I were trying to do bride photos in the hotel mirror fighting light while Mark lay on the bed with his cell phone and held it up to show us a gorgeous image he took from his angel.   He almost got fired when he left the light stick on the bench in town and walked away but he got it back so all was forgiven.  (joking)
I asked him how he felt about me documenting the whole weekend taking pictures and video and calling it a fan weekend.  He was beyond ecstatic that he could be part of such an amazing experience and he could be the 1st fan to experience something such as this..  His gratitude that he has extended to me since coming home is so heartwarming that I decided this is something I would like to do on a regular basis.
Together Kerr Photography and I agreed,  3 times a year we would do a fan weekend and I would notify my fans the opportunity to purchase a raffle ticket for the various locations.  The raffle ticket(s) will be fairly in expensive and they can purchase as many as they want. The sale of the tickets will cover accommodation cost, studio rental if needed and travel expenses for the winning fan.
I will host a live raffle drawing and the winner will be able to participate just like Mark did, for the entire weekend.   Any additional expenses would need to be covered by the winner, however, we do cover food and accommodation.   Over the weekend we were filming and taking photographs and I edited them all together and put into a 6 minute video which I would love to share with you my readers. 
After viewing the video you will see we absolutely did not stop laughing and having a wonderful time .  It was like the three musketeers, I could not have asked for anything different to have happened.  The content we shot was amazing, beautiful images, great company, good food and memories I will always cherish.
The video can be seen for free on www.loyalfans.com/coralynjewel  
If you would like a chance to participate in fan day please use the contact us form here https://Www.coralynjewel.com/contact/
And choose fan day for topic. 
Details will be sent when the next date has been chosen.   I really am excited about this and getting to know my fans. I appreciate you and love what I do for a living.   As a performer,  without fans, we do not have work so this is my way of showing my thanks.
Thank you again for reading. thank you Mark and thank you Kerr Photography  for being a great experience for my first of hopefully many fan day experiences.
Coralyn Jewel

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