What is it like to live the Sub Dom life 24/7

When I sit here and write this blog to share with you, let it be known I am NOT an expert on this topic.  I too, have researched it and in the various adult entities I am involved in I have been exposed numerous times to others who do choose to live this type of lifestyle 24/7.  Now this can not only be referred to as information on a Dom and Sub but also on a mistress or Fem Dom and submissive.

A relationship between two people where one is the higher authority figure, hierarchy or power structure.  Now, just as I have discussed in previous interviews and blogs, the number one most important thing is consent.  You are choosing to be involved in this type of relationship and communication is the key ingredient.

When it comes to roleplay or playing out your sexual fantasies, you must know that if choosing to live this lifestyle 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you will not always be aroused.  So, it reverts back to why you are choosing this lifestyle.  Does this mean one of you is less superior then the other? Does this have anything to do with race, gender, age difference, race or another variable?  The answer in my research is absolutely not.   It comes down to both involved choosing to voluntarily choose who is in which power position.

It is also important to keep in mind, no one is perfect and mistakes will occur.  A safe word is still 100% on the table and limits must be set between both involved.  Everything I always say and will continue to say, revolve around communication.  

What about Kink groups? Communities, seminars, books or anything having to do with learning more about the Dom Sub relationship, will they help? Again, I have found that we can always improve in any way of life by continuing our education.  So, do not be afraid to reach out for guidance and assistance.  Remember, you are both learning and although one may be more experienced there needs to be a level of patience and understanding to continue to build a healthy Dom sub relationship.  

So, if this type of lifestyle intrigues you my suggestion as with any other alternative relationship’s we have discussed on my podcast are to take it slow, communicate, attend seminars, workshops, read blogs and listen to podcasts.  You learn by listening.  Learn together and work together and back to my words I live by, “Patience will Prosper”.


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