What is Polyamory?

A Polyamory relationship is when you are involved with more than 1 person but everyone is aware of each other’s involvement and there are to be no secrets and no cheating.   People choose to explore a polyamory relationship for many different reasons.  Some feel as though one person cannot satisfy their sexual needs 100% and others look to having a polyamory relationship for intellectual needs.   

Getting involved in this type of relationship can be a slippery slope and just like any relationship communication is the key ingredient.   You and your partner must openly discuss why it is that you want to bring in an additional person or persons into your relationship.  What is it that you each seek?

You must also discuss what scares you.   It is important boundaries are set in place prior to embarking on this experience.   Are you and your partner considering more than one person?   Are you comfortable going out on separate dates?  There are many avenues to explore when you look into a consensual non monogamy relationship. 

You also need to discuss with each other if you plan to use condoms.  Safe sex is an important part of having sexual relations with more than on partner.  Now you may be asking yourself what is the difference between a polyamory relationship and being a “Swinger”.    A Swinger is normally just having sexual relations with another person but openness is the key ingredient.  A Polyamory relationship is not just sex but a loving relationship with multiple partners. 

It is also very important to note that if your relationship is on the rocks, entering into a poly or consensual non-monogamy is not going to fix thing.  This will actually make it worse.  It is also not fair to involve another person’s emotions if just one of you wants this and not the other. 

Polyamory relationships do not always mean that all involved are sexually active together.  It is of the utmost importance that you set your boundaries, your needs, wants and desires and communicate with one another.

Most important is to be true to you.  You may have a fantasy, a fetish or a desire to explore this type of relationship.  It is not for everyone and you have the power to stop if you decide it is not right for you.   Stay safe, stay truthful and express your feeling and emotions if you make the choice to embark on this journey.

Till next time Coralyn Jewel

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