What is the difference in these various Non-Monogamous Relationships?

With the different guests that I have brought on to the show so far and the other guests that I have lined up for us, I thought I would break down some possible confusion between the different types of “relationships” or “lifestyles” that we will discuss.

What is Polyamory?

Polyamory allows you to explore sexual relationships with more than one partner, male or female.   Being Polyamorous does not mean you are necessarily hopping from person to person but sometimes can mean you are in a “threesome” relationship and are happy to remain that way.  This type of situation is referred to as a committed triad.   

What is cuck-holding?

In this scenario you get turned on or aroused knowing your partner has been or wants to be intimate with someone else, yet you do not have the same luxury nor do you want it.   Cuckolding traditionally involves a woman sleeping with someone who is not her husband, but the fetish can apply to partners of any gender identity.

How do you identify if you are a Swinger?

This is a subject I have touched on quote a bit in my podcast interviews and blogs.  However, sometimes a couple or single wanting to figure out where they belong sexually or what they enjoy might take a leap at various lifestyles to see what works for them.  The majority of Swingers, are married couples or couples in a committed relationship but are seeking out that possible threesome experience or of course the illicit “Unicorn”.  Some couples are considered swingers even though they prefer to just be watched known as a voyeur and others prefer to be in the spotlight and be watched known as an exhibitionist. 

What is important to know is that, swingers aren’t polyamorous, so they aren’t looking to have multiple romantic partners.  They more seek sex with others and no strings attached.

Hall Pass?

We have touched on this before, but to reiterate.  You may be in a relationship with your partner or spouse but to add excitement you might allow your other half the chance to have a hall pass. The ability to choose if they want to seek out another sexual partner, possibly for just one time or you may choose to make this person a “regular” hall-pass.

This is enough to get your heads spinning in a thousand different directions, trying to figure out what is it you may want to explore.  I will delve into more non-traditional lifestyles in future blogs.  In the meantime, thank you for continuing to open your mind and release the fear of judgment.  It is always your choice what you do, it is your life and we only get one life to live, so Live it. 

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