What is the financial future of the Adult Industry?

I had the pleasure of interviewing Michael McGrady as a guest this week on our Podcast. Michael began his career as a freelance writer in politics where he would write the speeches for both Republican and Democrat sides. Later, he was offered a position on the technical side in the adult industry working for Y-magazine as a contractor writer. Since making this transition, his journalism career has skyrocketed and taken him into a variety of different directions all involved in the adult industry. 
Y-not, Although adult industry related focuses primarily on the technical side such as affiliate program, the newest technology and SEO programs. They do also play a large role in the camming side of adult.

We discussed the situation the adult industry is facing at this time in regard to payment processing. Many of you might be aware that Pornhub no longer is able to accept payment or pay models for their content that is up on those sites. The same just happened with AVN stars which also announced that as of the 1st of Jan 2022 they will pull any type of monetary payments to performers.
 It is just a matter of time before credit card processors continue to scrutinize even the smaller adult sites making it harder for performers and studios to monetize their content.
Michael and I spent around 15 minutes of our interview discussing his thoughts on if we feel that crypto currency is going to be the next thing in the adult industry?
We discussed the pros and cons. As we all know many people have a hard time adapting to technology. if it is a well-known name such as Pornhub or Only fans they are more inclined to click on this site versus a newer adult platform. .
This can be seen today in various ways. Such examples include a new smartphone versus the old flip phone or blackberry. Even how we view television or movies today with DVD’s a thing of the past and streaming the new way to watch your favorite show. It is just a matter of time before adult stores stop carrying DVDs 100%.
I know that As a performer I have had a huge challenge trying to get my followers to switch from one platform to another for their sake of comfort on A versus B. 
It is not unheard of for the adult industry to constantly have to fight a battle in one way or another, but we will persevere as we always do.
There needs to be a way where children cannot access these adult sites at all. I don’t believe the responsibility should be left in the hands of the parents, as we need to remember that involves technology and some people are just not comfortable understanding or comprehending how to block content from being accessed by anyone under 18 in their household.
I  have always been shocked that I can go to any webcam site and click that I am over 18 and without even presenting my identification or a credit card, I am now able to access free porn on the Internet.
In order to either view an Adult site or put content up on a site, I believe one way to resolve this is ID verification. 
Let me break that down. As an adult performer or webcam model, I cannot put myself up on any platform without providing a clear photo of my ID front and back as well as a photo holding the identification next to my face. in addition, I sign a model release with my full name, address and contact information.
Why is it that we do not require the same of any fan or viewer logging into these platforms?
 I was told platforms are able to verify a viewer’s age through payment when they use a credit card. I then question two things;
What is to stop a child from taking their parents debit card and using it on an adult platform? They will get caught once bank records are checked but they still hot on the site.
Secondly, many webcam sites do not require a credit card to access the model’s online page. Anyone can click that they are over the age of 18 and log in with no issues and no money is needed. Right there in FREE chat models can be seen nude and performing sexual activity.
I am a huge advocate for the adult industry and for freedom of speech, but I am also absolutely 100% against any child exploitation. I am shocked honestly, that it is so easy for children to get access to these adult websites. I understand completely that many fans and viewers are not comfortable providing their identification and would prefer to remain private or anonymous however, we as adult performers and webcam models have to provide our information to work in the industry so why it is not required on “ the other side”.
I reiterate that this is not my field of expertise, but instead, just my thoughts and ideas of how we can begin to make a difference.
With any high risk business credit card processing is the ultimate challenge. I can tell you 1st hand that running an adult swingers club, selling a CBD intimate lubricant and running any kind of adult website requires an investment with a high-risk processor such as CC Bill. Not to mention, higher monthly fees and increased percentage rates per transaction.
With this being said, the sex industry has been around for many years, and it will always be here. The saying sex sells still holds true but more than that, the sex industry is an outlet for many people who have been shamed for liking sex or having different kinks or fetishes.
So instead of continuously pushing Sex workers away, why not work together to make it make it safe for everyone. This is one way we can keep children from being exposed.
Another issue is if someone sets up a profile on a website and they are over the age of 18 what happens if they then upload content with an under aged or unwilling participant. Well, this one is already being addressed and I’m surprised that it never was. Anyone that appears in your scene must also have identification submitted along with a photo of it next to their face and a model release.
To let many of you know who might not be informed one of the biggest issues with the only fan’s situation that occurred was the fact that they were requiring all studios and models to submit past paperwork of any performers appearing in scenes on their page. The challenge faced is although the studio or performer may have the identification of the other performer in the scene, they do not have the current model release some platforms are not requiring. This is a significant inconvenience for studios or pages that have hundreds of scenes uploaded onto the platform and now must try and locate one at a time each performer who appears in the scenes. Many of these performers have now left the industry and moved on and are unable to be contacted.
We all know life is full of challenges and life is full of obstacles. There are ways to make this safe for everyone. They will never get rid of the sex industry, and I personally think doing something like that will cause other major issues. The topic of banning the sex industry as a whole will be addresses in another article as there are so many repercussions that could stem from this.
The bottom line I want my readers to take away from any of my articles and podcast episodes is that we need to stop judging and work together and make I safe for everyone.
 I am not psychic I do not know all the answers but I am also convinced That just my 2 suggestions could have a significant impact for the better.
 Till next time,
 Coralyn Jewel

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