What would motivate you to make a drastic change?

I had the pleasure of welcoming Tony Bones as my guest for my Hankie Pankie Podcast. Tony is an adult performer and producer. I welcomed him to my home studio to be a guest and he openly shared his story of how he ventured into a career in the adult industry as a performer.

Tony spoke of the fact that he was overweight and not very healthy. He needed something to motivate him to start taking better care of himself. Tony decided, why not challenge himself and go for a career he thought was attainable for someone like him. He proved that you do not need to be Barbie or Ken to make a living in the Adult Industry.

I was trying to decide where to take this article what direction.. I thought about asking my readers, What would it take to make you decide to live a healthier lifestyle? If however, most would just answer some kind of health scare would be enough to change bad habits.

so, I decided I would share a story with you about what motivated me to challenge myself physically and better my health habits.

For those of you that follow my story, you are aware that I grew up as a competitive Olympic figure skater hopeful and went on to open up a mobile fitness company for children. So health has always been engrained into my mind with with good choices of food, and being physically active.

However, a personal assistant job interview that I went on when I was 35 years old was all it took for me to get myself into the best shape of my life, I share my story with you.

I was looking to make extra income after my divorce and applied for a job job at a gym where I would be responsible for handling all the female competitors for bikini and figure competitions. By handling, this meant checking their food diary Kama doing their measurements and wait daily and organizing their travel and competition wear for the annual competitions.

When I was at the interview. which I decided not to take at only $10 an hour, I did ask the owner of the gym if he felt that I ever could compete at the same level as these girls. He had me stand up, turn around, face back towards him, shook his head and said absolutely not. This was all it took. I was now set on a path to take his words as a challenge. and I did just that.

I drove straight back to my city and walked into my gym. I approached the front desk asking, who is your best bikini competitive coach here, as I want to speak with them about sessions.

Out comes a 4′ 11, 90 pound Asian female trainer, who looked me in the eyes after I told her what he dais. and her words I will forever remember. ” Give me 10 weeks of exactly what I tell you to do. Every single step and not only will you go to the competition. but you will take home home a trophy I guarantee it”.
So I put myself on a 10 week challenge completely changing my diet, my fitness routine, my sleeping pattern, and my social life. I was determined to prove to myself and that gym owner, that anyone can do anything they want to do. No one should ever make your decisions about what you can accomplish.

So here I am almost 10 years after the competition, where the 1st competition I took 3rd place in my category which was ages 35–40 and I also took 3rd place overall in all age categories. Four weeks later I competed again and upped my placement into 2nd place in my age group and 2nd place overall.
So as you read this today and remember from my book, my podcasts and my other articles, when life throws you a curve ball take it in the direction that you want to go.

Do not ever let anybody tell you that you cannot accomplish something. Do not ever let anybody tell you how you need to live your life.  Back to my motto for why I do what I do, you have one life to live, it is YOUR Life, live it for you. Only you can control your destiny.

till next time
coralyn jewel

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