Why your story does matter

As I have discussed in previous articles, there are a variety of alternative lifestyles and kinks. I try to bring on a variety of guests on the Hankie Pankie Podcast that can share with us their expertise on the adult industry, kinks, various alternative lifestyles such as Polyamory, BDSM. swingers etc. or a story that I feel my listeners and I can benefit from.

This week’s guest is Sir Ezra and when I received a press release from his PR rep, I found his story unique and was intrigued to learn more.

My article today does not however focus on his expertise in the world of BDSM but instead on how I choose my guests and what I feel is a unique story that fits in with my reasoning for having a weekly Podcast.

I, Coralyn Jewel, also known to many as Miss. Hankie Pankie is on a mission through my books, podcast. blogs, seminars and coaching to help as many people as I can find their truth in life and their meaning for honesty and self-acceptance.

Although we think a decent amount of progress has been made in accepting those in the Adult Industry or Swinger/ alternative relationship styles, there is still a large amount of judgment and misconceptions of the caliber of people choosing this path.

I can firsthand say that most of my swinger club community members are highly educated, sophisticated, classy and some of the most amazing people I have encountered. From Doctors, to attorneys, federal agents, bankers and numerous other walks of life these are people that have chosen to see if this is the right lifestyle for them.

Does being a swinger make you a bad person? Are you and your partner harming anyone by choosing to attend a lifestyle swinger event as a voyeur or exhibitionist? If you seek out that experience with the illicit unicorn should your co-workers judge you on your choice.

I can go on and on with the amount of judgment I not only see but hear about daily with people choosing to experience the lifestyle and their family, friends or co-workers finding out and shunning them out. This infuriates me.

I continue to say to my podcast guests, listeners, community members and those I consult in the Adult Industry, who is being harmed by your choice?

Are you physically harming yourself or someone else? Do you have the experience, maturity and or ability to listen and learn so you can avoid some major mistakes?

Life is about experiences. Life is about living. If you read my blogs and listen to my seminars God gave us 1 life to live so, why should we live it for what others expect or demand from us. Is it your parents’ life to live? Are they in an authorities position to choose your spouse, job, location to reside?

Do you look back on your life and wish you had done things differently, we all do? That is normal and that is life, but only you can change your future. Only you can control your destiny.

Do you have a story that you think my listeners will benefit from? The Story of where you come from and what made you choose a different path. What type of judgement did you receive and how much of an emotional toll did it take on you? Did you contemplate suicide? What stopped you? Why?

These are the stories I want share. These are the stories others can learn from. You may feel your situation is insignificant or boring. You may feel that no one cares to listen to what happened to you as they have their own problems. However, you are wrong.

I thought the same. No one wants to hear my drama, my sorrow, and my emotional battles. I felt the need to take my life numerous times. I was tired of trying, tired or fighting and tired of unattainable goals.

It was the good people in my life that turned my way of thinking around. It was those who believed in me and felt that my story would help others and a variety of different people would benefit by me sharing.

It takes courage to be honest with yourself and even more courage to be honest with those around you but once you take that step and face that challenge a weight of stones is lifted off your shoulders.

I invite anyone who reads this and feels you have a powerful story and someone, even 1 person will benefit from listening to please reach out to me.

In my mind if I can change one person’s way of living, I have already made a difference.

The feeling I get when I read a heartfelt email from a listener or reader of my book Is the only satisfaction I need to know, I am doing the right thing and I am doing a good thing.

As always, I close with, “we only have one life to live, only you control your destiny, live it for you”.

Till next time

Coralyn Jewel
contact me to be a guest through www.coralynjewel.com

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